• Adam Kennedy
      • b. Otterbein, IN 1920
      • d. Kent, Connecticut 10/16/97
      • Actor/Writer/Artist. Wrote screenplays for "Raise the Titanic", "The Domino Principle" and "The Dove". Appeared as an actor in 7 films from 1955 to 1980 including "The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell". Was in TV series "The Californians" and "The Doctors". His oils and watercolors have been exhibited in the U.S. and Europe.

    • Ken Kercheval

        • b. Wolcottville, IN 7/15/35
        • Best known for his continuing role as Cliff Barnes in the TV series, "Dallas". Most of his work has been in TV with occasional movies like, "Network", "F.I.S.T." and "Corporate Affairs".

    • Greg Kinnear

        • b. Logansport, IN 6/17/63
        • Has made at least 7 feature films...many TV appearances.
        • Hosted two TV talk shows, "Talk Soup" and "Later With Greg Kinnear. Nominated for Oscar, Golden Globe, Golden Satellite Award, National Board of Review, USA, Screen Actors Guild Award...all for best supporting actor for "As Good As It Gets". Won National Board of Review award. Won Golden Apple Award and Show West Convention USA Award for "Male Discovery of the Year" (1996).

    • Visit this Greg Kinnear web site...

    • Brian Lamb
      • b. Lafayette, IN 10/9/41
      • Host of "Booknotes" TV series, 1989. Chief Executive Officer of C-Span.

    • Art LaFleur
      • b. Gary, IN
      • Gary H.S. football All American. TV appearances dating from 1972. Very busy TV actor.
      • Made mostly feature films in the 90's..."Forever Young", "Maverick", "The Phenomenon", "Last Chance".

    • Forrest Landis
      • b. Oaklandon, IN
      • Began appearing in commercials and during a summer in Los Angeles he auditioned for Cheaper by the Dozen(2003) starring Steve Martin and was cast as one of the children.

    • Allan "Rocky" Lane (Harry Leonard Albershart)

        • b. 9-22-1904 Mishawaka, IN
        • d. 10-27-1973 Woodland Hills, CA.
        • After Buck Jones and Ken Maynard, Allan "Rocky" Lane was the best known cowboy from Indiana. He grew up on a farm in Mishawaka. His idols were Tom Mix and Ken Maynard. He became interested in photography after high school and started his own commercial photography studio. He began appearing on stage and then into small parts in movies. His first films were not westerns. In 1939 he appeared with Harry Carey in The Law West of Tombstone and his western career began. He became one of the best "B" movie cowboys in the business. After his career in westerns ended, he became the voice of "Mr. Ed" on the popular TV series.

    • Billy Lee (real name: Billy Lee Schelensker)

        • b. (Nelson's Bend)Terre Haute, IN 3/12/29
        • d. Beaumont, CA 11/17/89
        • Got his start after appearing in one episode of the "Our Gang" series in 1934. Appeared in over 30 films from 1934 to 1985. Famous for his role in The Biscuit Eater (1940), a "B" film about an interracial childhood friendship that had surprising success.

    • Terry Lester
      • b. Indianapolis,IN, 4/13/50
      • Mostly a TV actor, starred in several soaps including, "The Young and the Restless", "Santa Barbara" and from from 1992 to 1994 in "As the World Turns" as "Royce Keller".

    • David Letterman

        • b. Indianapolis, IN 4/12/47
        • Appeared in several films as himself. Was the voice of "Earl Hofert" in "Beavis and Butt-Head Do America" (1996) and "Cabin Boy" (1994).
        • TV host of his own shows, "Late Night With David Letterman" (NBC) and "Late Show with Davbid Letterman" (CBS). Nominated many times for "Emmy". Won in 1985 for "Outstanding Writing in a Variety or Music Program. Won again in 1986 and 1987 in same category.

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  • Forrest Lewis

      • b. Knightstown IN, 11/5/1899
      • d. Burbank, CA 6/2/77
      • After a busy career as a radio actor, he became a busy character actor in both TV and films. Recurring role of "Officer Kelly" in "The Shaggy Dog", "The Absent Minded Professor" and "Son of Flubber". Appeared in at least 29 films from 1943 to 1971.

  • Ralph Littlefield
      • b. Gary, Indiana, 3/31/1901
      • d. Everett, Washington, 12/27/77
      • As a young child, he moved with his family to Seattle, Washington and began working in his father's medical office before pursuing an acting career. His first film appearance was in The Ape Man (1943). He produced a radio show called, "Over the Back Fence" and had his own television show, "Hometown U.S.A." He appeared in at least 14 films from 1943 to 1949. He was in The Egg and I (1947), which featured fellow Hoosiers Marjorie Main and Victor Potel. One of his most memorable appearances was on television in 1949 when he played "Jim Blane," a friend of The Lone Ranger, in The Lone Ranger Fights On. Littlefield played the part of a man who took care of the Lone Ranger's silver mine and made his silver bullets.

      Visit the Ralph Littlefield page on The Lone Ranger web site at...


  • Robert Long
      • b. Indiana, 3/26/1894
      • d. 7/5/72
      • Appeared in at least 9 films from 1951 to 1954.

    Peter Lupus (sometimes credited as Rock Stevens)
    Lupus205.jpg (7310 bytes)
    • b. Indianapolis, IN 6/17/32
    • Mostly a TV actor, his most notable role was that of "Willy Armitage" in the TV series "Mission Impossible".



    Kenneth MacDonald (Kenneth Dollins)

      • b. Portland, IN 9/8/01
      • d. 5/5/72
      • Most people will remember him as the judge in the TV series, "Perry Mason". His first feature was in 1923 in a western, "Slow as Lightning". He made at least 31 films, half of which were silent. Most were B's.

    Neil Maffin
    Maffin302.jpg (53889 bytes)
    • b. Indiana, 1/17/59
    • TV actor in "As the World Turns" from 1988 to 1989 as "Beau Farrell". Many TV appearances. Last film was
    • "Pants on Fire" (1998).



    William Marshall

      • b. Gary, IN 8/19/24
      • d. 6/11/03
      • Tall black actor with a booming voice, he began appearing on screen in the early fifties. Enjoyed stardom in the 70's playing title role in "Blacula" (1972) and "Scream, Blacula, Scream" (1973). Many TV credits including "Star Trek" (1966; Episode "The Ultimate Computer"), "The Jeffersons" (1975), "Benson" (1979), "Pee Wee's Playhouse". Starred as "Othello" in 1981 feature film. More recently was seen in "The Fisher King" (1991) and "Maverick" (1994).

  • Strother Martin (Strother Martin, Jr.)

      • b. Kokomo, IN 3/26/19
      • d. Thousand Oaks, CA 8/1/80
      • Described by Sam Peckinpah as, "He just happens to be one of the finest actors in the world." He grew up in Indianapolis, graduating from Washington High School. He excelled in swimming and diving. At 17, while representing the Indianapolis Athletic Club, he won The National Junior Springboard Diving Championship. He earned an athletic scholarship to The University of Michigan where he became an award winning diver. After majoring in drama, Martin moved to California where he taught swimming and diving while awaiting his first break as an actor.

  • Derick and Steve Martini
      • b.1974 and 1976, Indiana
      • Brothers who are actors and writers. Steve was a regular on TV series "Prince Street" in 1997 as Detective Anthony Libretti. Has appeared in at least four films, the last was L.A.X. in 2001. Derick was in one film, Goat on Fire and Smiling Fish (1999) which Steven produced with money he made from his "Prince Street" TV series.

  • Ken Maynard

      • b. July 21, 1895 Vevay, Indiana
      • d. March 23, 1973 Woodland Hills, CA.
      • moved to Columbus, Indiana as a youngster and grew up there, learning to ride a horse on a vacant lot. At age 16, with his parents permission, he joined a carnival and from there to several wild west shows and rodeos. He became a national champion and this led him to Hollywood where he rapidly became a leading cowboy star. Throughout his career he battled alcoholism and died destitute, living out his last days in a trailer.

      • Click here for Ken Maynard Images (10)

    Kermit Maynard

      • b. 9/20/1897, Vevay, IN
      • d. 6/16/71
      • Opposite of his brother, he was a teetotaler and an even-tempered man. He was a star athlete at I.U., playing football and basketball. Moved to Hollywood at the urging of his brother. Started doing stunt work, some for his brother. Eventually became the star of a number of films where he played a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman. Later was an official with the Actor's Union and became concerned with the safety of stunt men. Worked to improve their status. Both Kermit and Ken have long been considered to be the among the best trick riders and horsemen in the history of motion pictures.

  • Earl McCarthy
      • b. Fort Wayne, IN 1906
      • d.Los Angeles, CA 5/28/33
      • First film was "The Magic Garden" (1927) as the adult Peter Minton. Appeared in at least 7 other films.

  • Billy McClain
      • b. Indiana 9/15/1857
      • d. Los Angeles, 1/28/59
      • Black actor who played in just five films from 1933 to 1939. Notable role in "Dimples" in 1936 as "Rufus."

  • Kevin McClarnon
      • b. Greenfield, IN
      • Roles in soap operas "Another World" and "Search for Tomorrow." Feature films include, "Heaven's Gate" (1980), "Sweet Liberty" (1986), and "Loose Cannons" (1990).

  • Myron McCormick

      • b. Albany, IN 2/8/08
      • d. New York, NY 7/30/62
      • Popular character actor. Attended Princeton University where he founded "The University Players" with Josh Logan. Made his screen debut in "Winterset" (1936). Created the character of Luther Billis on Broadway in "South Pacific." Also created the Sergeant in "No Time for Sergeants" which he recreated for the screen (1958). Notable role in "The Hustler" (1961).

  • Charles McMurphy

      • b. North Vernon, IN 7/31/1892
      • d. Los Angeles, CA 10/24/69
      • Appeared in at least 36 films from 1928 to 1966. Most were B films with several appearances uncredited. Appeared in several serials including "Flash Gordon" and "Dick Tracy."

  • Steve McQueen (Terrence Steven McQueen)

      • b. Beech Grove, IN 3/24/30
      • d. Juarez, Mexico 11/7/80
      • Started in television with some bit parts in features. Switched to feature films after his TV series, "Wanted: Dead or Alive" (1958). Became the highest paid star of the 1960's. Nominated for best actor oscar for his performance in fellow Hoosier Robert Wise' film "The Sand Pebbles" (1966).

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    Patrick McVey (Pat McVeigh)
    McVey258.jpg (198122 bytes)
    • b. Fort Wayne, IN 3/17/10
    • d. New York, NY 7/6/73
    • Trained to be a lawyer. Busy television and movie actor from the early 40's to the early 70's. Last film was Bang the Drum Slowly(1973). Appeared in many TV series. His appearances in feature films was mostly in supporting roles. His biggest claim to fame was as "Steve Wilson" in the TV series "Big Town" (1950).


    John Mellencamp

      • b. Seymour, IN 10/7/51
      • Starred in "Farm Aid" (1996) as himself and in "Falling from Grace" (1992). The latter he directed and co-wrote with Larry McMurtry, writer of "Lonesome Dove". He considers his home town to be Bloomington, Indiana where he still resides. In addition to 36 gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards, he has been nominated for 11 grammys. He continues to pursue his avocation as a painter. A book published by Harper Collins showcases 75 of his works.

      Buy this book at Amazon.com...

  • Dennis (Denny) Miller (a.k.a. Scott Miller)

      • b. Bloomington, IN 4-25-1934 (some sources erroneously give his birthplace as Los Angeles, CA)
      • His father, Ben Miller, was a member of the Waldron High School basketball team which reached the sweet 16 in the 1920's. He became a Physical Education Instructor at Indiana University. Dennis learned to play basketball in Bloomington and was offered a scholarship to UCLA. His father went there also as PE Instructor. Denny played for Hoosier great Johnny Wooden and was drafted by the Pros. He turned down the Pro job to be an actor. His first and only Tarzan role was in Tarzan, the Ape Man (1959). He then replaced Robert Horton on Wagon Train from 1961 to 1964, being billed as "Scott Miller". Next he played Juliet Prowse's husband in the TV series Mona McClusky (1965-66), this time billed again as "Denny Miller." Today he runs his own physical fitness club in Los Angeles.

      For more info on Denny Miller, go to...

  • Roger Mobley
      • b. Evansville, IN 1/16/49
      • Movie and television career extends from 1952 through 1980.Appeared in at least ten feature films. Was a regular (Packey Lambert) on TV series Fury. Guest starred on many more TV shows. Is now a United Methodist Minister in Southeast Texas.

  • Anthony Montgomery
      • b. Indianapolis, IN
      • A 1994 graduate of Ball State University where he received a bachelor's degree in theater, he has appeared mostly in TV shows. One feature, Leprechaun in the Hood in 2000. He recently was cast as helmsman Travis Mayweather in the new UPN series, Enterprise.

  • Alvy Moore (Jack Alvin Moore)

      • b. Vincennes, IN 12/5/21
      • d. Palm Desert, CA 5/4/97
      • Best known for his role as Hank Kimball on the series Green Acres. Studied drama at Indiana State Teachers College in Terre Haute. He appeared in at least thirty other TV series and numerous commercials. Many feature films, including The Wild One (1954).

  • Greg Neff
      • b. Elwood, IN 1/24/55
      • Appeared in TV mini series From the Earth to the Moon in 1998 as the President. Few other movies.

  • Thomas (Tom) R.S. Noel
      • b. Fortville, IN October 2, 1911
      • d. Brooklyn, NY 9/22/86
      • Graduate of Indiana University, he began his Broadway career in the early 1940's, his career spanned 40 plus years. He appeared in such films as, "Funny Girl" and "Ragtime."

    Tom Nolan
    Nolan263.jpg (384200 bytes)
    • b. Indianapolis, IN
    • The grandson of Hoosier author Jeanette Covert Nolan, he is a graduate of Shortridge High School in Indianapolis, began acting at Loeb Drama Center at Harvard. Played Wesley Jordache in the mini-series, Beggarman, Thief. An accomplished drummer, he appeared in the movie Yanks as a blond G.I. drummer. In 1979 he and fellow Hoosier Sharon Gabet built their own theatre in New York converting a former button factory. They named it "Tyson Studio."


    Richard (Rich) Oliver

      • b. 1930
      • Graduate of Tech High School in Indpls. Performed as a magician and juggler in Phoenix and Las Vegas. Appeared in the television series, "26 Men." Also appearances in several movies shot in Las Vegas including Rain Man.

  • Ole Olsen (John Sigvard Olsen)

      • b. Peru, IN 11/6/1892
      • d. 1/26/63
      • Grew up in Peru, Indiana where he was acquainted with fellow Hoosier Cole Porter. Graduated from Northwestern University in 1912. Entered vaudeville and was teamed with Charles "Chic" Johnson. Delighted audiences with their horseplay and nonsense. Hellzapoppin, produced in 1939 became a theatrical legend. It ran 1404 performances before going on the road. He appeared in 11 feature films. Was also a composer. His music was in "Casa Manana" 1951.

  • Jeff Osterhage
      • b. Columbus, IN 3/12/53
      • Began appearing in television in the late seventies on such shows as, The Dukes of Hazzard and The Sacketts. Has appeared in at least eight feature films and numerous TV shows and Made-for-TV movies.

  • Robert Paige(John Arthur Paige)

      • b. Indianapolis, IN 12/21/10
      • d. 12/21/87
      • Started in films in the late thirties. Mostly a supporting player. When television arrived he became the host of the popular TV series, The Big Payoff. (1951) He also served as a host for The Colgate Comedy Hour. (1955). His last film was Bye Bye Birdie (1963). Was a long time newscaster in Los Angeles and formed a television sales promotion company with his wife, Paige-Ludden Enterprises.

    George Paulsin

      • b. Hammond
      • Made five films from 1970 to 1986. Made film debut in The Hawaiians (1970). Also appeared in numerous TV programs like "The Virginian" and "Bonanza."

  • Corey Pearson
      • b. Indianapolis, IN 8/30/74
      • Graduated from Ball State University and went to Hollywood on an internship during his senior year. Was cast in the UPN series, "Pacific Blue" as Nick Lambros. Appeared in Going Greek and Summer Catch in 2001. Composed song, "Grind the Ball" for "Zenon: The Zequel," a television special in 2001.

  • John Philliber

      • b. Elkhart, IN 1872
      • d. 11/6/44
      • Made just eight films from 1943 to 1944. However he appeared in such classics as It Happened Tomorrow 1944 and Double Indemnity also in 1944. Seven of his film appearances were in 1944.

  • Lon Poff
      • b. Bedford, IN 2/8/1870
      • d. Los Angeles, CA 8/8/52
      • Entered films in 1920. Worked steadily through the twenties and thirties. Made only three films in the forties, and one film in 1951. Perhaps best known for his role as the First High Priest in Flash Gordon I and II 1936.

  • Sydney Pollack

      • b. 7-1-1934 Lafayette, IN
      • Moved to South Bend while still in elementary school. Had his first dramatic experience in fifth or sixth grade. Finished high school in South Bend and went to New York City to try to be an actor. Enrolled in "The Neighborhood Playhouse" run by Sanford Miesner. Studied there for two years and then began acting in New York television. While acting, he also began teaching at the Neighborhood Playhouse. Was asked to coach the children in the TV special, "The Turn of the Screw." He impressed director John Frankenheimer and Burt Lancaster who told him he should be a director. He moved to Los Angeles and began directing TV shows like Ben Casey, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour and The Fugitive. His first feature film directing assignment was The Slender Thread in 1965. In 1966 he started a long friendship with Robert Redford when he directed This Property is Condemned. He won his first oscar nomination for They Shoot Horses, Don't They? in 1966. His second nomination came in 1982 with Tootsie. He finally won best director for Out of Africa in 1985. He has formed his own company, "Mirage," and now produces films while continuing to act and direct.

  • Ed Porter (Edward D. Porter)
      • b. Columbus, IN 5/26/1881
      • d. Hollywood, CA 7/29/39
      • Made just four films, one in 1932 and three in 1935, all westerns. Played a bartender or a doctor. He was a stage actor in the twenties before he went to Hollywood.

  • Victor Potel

      • b. Lafayette, IN 10/12/1889
      • d. Hollywood, CA 3/8/47
      • Began his film career in 1914. Along with fellow Hoosier Charlie Murray, he worked for Mack Sennett and was "Slippery Slim" in the "Snakeville" series of shorts. He was an extremely busy and versatile actor. He became a member of Preston Sturges' unofficial stock company from 1940's "Christmas in July" until his death in 1947. One of his final roles was that of the Indian peddler Crowbar in Hoosier Marjorie Main's hit The Egg and I. Appeared in many westerns including the famous The Squaw Man (1931).
      • Click here for images of Victor Potel (2).

  • Drew Powell
      • b. Noblesville, IN  1/19/76
      • Moved to Lebanon as a child. Grew up there and went to DePauw University where he studied media and was a TV show host and a disc jockey. Acted in off-campus theatre productions. Moved to North Hollywood to be Youth Director at a church.. Got an agent and began auditioning. First role was that of a cadet on the Fox comedy Malcolm in the Middle. Was selected to play the young "Hoss" Cartwright in a new PAX series Ponderosa being shot in Australia. Has appeared in such shows as...Monk, The Office, ER, CSI, Without a Trace.

    J. Russell Powell (Sometimes credited as Russ Powell or Russell Powell)

      • b. Indianapolis, 9/16/1875
      • d. Los Angeles, CA 11/28/50
      • The son of Mr. and Mrs. George Powell, his father was Police Superintendent in Indianapolis. He started in show business as an opera singer, making his professional debut as "Massakroff" in The Chocolate Soldier at the Murat Theatre in January, 1912. His film career started in 1915 and his last film was in 1956. He was a very busy character actor, appearing in 119 films. He often crossed paths with other Hoosier actors, for example in Fashions in Love (1929) he played a caretaker of a cabin where Miriam Seegar (Greentown) is taken for refuge. His wife is played by Billie Bennett (Evansville). In 1928 he was in Vamping Venus with Charlie Murray (Laurel) and Louise Fazenda (Lafayette). Other notable appearances...The Big Trail (1930) as "Windy Bill," An American Tragedy (1931) as the Coroner, The Sin of Madelon Claudet (1931) as Monsier Claudet. He was recruited by Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll to play "Kingfish" in Check and Double-Check in 1930.

  • Philip Proctor Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, Voice specialist
      • b. Goshen, IN July 28, 1940
      • Appeared in his first film in 1969. Became involved with The Firesign Theatre and wrote, produced, edited "The Martian Space Party" in 1972. Began appearing in many television productions and then became a voice specialist, doing voices for Disney in such films as "Beauty and the Beast," "Aladdin," "The Lion King," "Toy Story,""Tarzan," and "Toy Story 2."He did voices for "Star Wars:Force Commander," and "Rugrats in Paris." He also did the voice of the King/Prince in Disney's "Petronella" which featured fellow Hoosier Sylvia Hutton.

  • Peter Reckell
      • b. Elkhart, IN 5/7/55
      • Primarily a TV actor. Had had several regular roles in soap operas, "As The World Turns", "Days of Our Lives", "Knots Landing."

  • Billy Record
      • b. Willow Branch, Indiana
      • Camera grip and actor. He also was a former automobile race driver. Appeared in such films as "Bigfoot" (1970) and "Schlock" (1971).

    Ivan Rogers
    Rogers266.jpg (204114 bytes)
    • b. Indianapolis, IN 9/20/54
    • Actor, Producer, Writer, Director. Frequently writing, producing and acting in his own films, Ivan Rogers has kept busy throughout the 80's and 90's. Most of his films could be considered "exploitation" with titles like, "Ballbuster", "Karate Commando: Jungle Wolf 3", etc. Did a lot of his filming in his home town of Indianapolis.



    Churchill Ross (Ross Weigle)

      • b. Lafayette January 29, 1901
      • d. Los Angeles May 23, 1962
      • Made at least 16 films from 1923 to 1936. Mostly small parts, many uncredited.


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